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Exploration of treatment habits in metastatic breast cancer

  • Industry

    Breast cancer treatment

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Market research agency

  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Client's need

One of our clients has in their pipeline a cancer drug that can be used for a metastatic breast cancer. The strategies physicians use to treat breast cancer, however, vary widely from market to market. There are numerous grey areas when it comes to the classification and approach to patients in terms of chemotherapy versus hormone therapy treatment. As such, our client expressed an interest in understanding in what way their new product would fit into local treatment schemes.

Our deliverables

In a series of in-depth interviews with oncologists, we examined the range of approaches taken to treat metastatic breast cancer. The oncologists also identified key triggers present in the therapeutic decision-making process. Then, after presenting the respondents with a short product file, we asked the oncologists to place this product in the context of their treatment regimen.

Due to frequent involvement in projects relating to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, PMR created a medical panel. Thanks to this specially created body, PMR was able to meet the client’s goal: access a specifically targeted group of physicians in a very short period of time.

Value for the client

The client’s relationship with PMR led to a two-fold benefit. First, the client gained insight into local approaches used to treat metastatic breast cancer. Second, the client acquired awareness of how the drug, currently in the pipeline, would eventually fit into the target markets. Based on this new understanding, our client will make informed decisions on the key benefits to be highlighted in the marketing campaign on the Polish market. This is going to be powerful leverage in forging the product’s market success.

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