Methodologies PMR


Central location tests are most commonly used in tests of new or modified products or advertising materials. Their unique advantage is that they provide an environment in which certain features of the product, such as flavour, fragrance or appearance, can be tested in standardised conditions. The tests are conducted in purpose-built studios in city-centre locations and are attended by test participants according to pre-defined criteria.

Research PMR conducts in-hall/central location tests (CLT) in major cities across Poland and through a network of partners from across Central and Eastern Europe.

Concept tests

Concept tests are studies in which a description or model of a specific product or service is evaluated by consumers. The concept is typically limited to practical information about the application of the product and its salient features, including marketing associations. The concept test is usually conducted while the actual product is still at the prototype stage.

Product tests

Product tests are studies in which respondents assess a specific product, usually before its release or after a modification. Among the products most frequently tested in this way are food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Copy tests

Copy tests are studies in which respondents assess advertising materials (TV, radio, press). Respondents are asked for their opinions on the composition and appeal of the messaging; they also indicate elements that they feel are subjectively unacceptable or in need of modification, and provide their thoughts on the associations or connotations inspired by the advertisement being tested.

Price tests

Price tests are quantitative tests involving the collection of information about consumer reactions to the price of a given product or service. Price tests generate opinions on the current product price, identify consumers’ price sensitivity and help to define the product price bracket that is most likely to be met with customer acceptance.

Examples of tests:

  • Cosmetic tests
  • Flavour tests
  • Tests of household chemicals
  • Shape and appearance tests
  • Dry food tests
  • New product tests
  • Fresh food tests
  • Packaging tests
  • Beverage tests
  • Modified product tests
  • Advertising concept tests
  • Fragrance tests