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A study of the eye vitamin market in Poland: interviews with doctors, pharmacists and patients

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    Medical and pharmaceutical market

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    Research Agency

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    4,5 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

A regular PMR client requested a study of the eye vitamin market in Poland. Ocular nutrition products are used to support the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The project’s primary aim was to understand the place and role of eye vitamins in the treatment of ophthalmological illnesses. Researchers collected recommendations and opinions about ocular nutrition products brands currently found on the market. Finally, data was collected on how the use of eye vitamins would improve patient health.

Our deliverables

The study was comprised of fifteen in-depth individual interviews with three key groups of people: ophthalmologists, pharmacists, and patients who suffered from ophthalmological conditions (mainly AMD). Doctors were asked about their experiences in treating patients suffering from AMD; they were also asked about their feelings about prescribing eye vitamins.

Pharmacists, on the other hand, discussed consumer behaviour, communicating with patients about eye vitamins, and advice given to patients about eye vitamins. Patients talked about the impact medical problems had on their quality of life, their experiences in treating their own medical problems, and the ocular nutrition products they most frequently used. Finally, all respondents were asked to give their opinions about our client’s product, including expectations respondents had concerning the product.

Value for the client

The approach PMR used in this case – a wide range of topics combined with interviews conducted in three separate population groups – allowed us to compare results. We could then take a broader view of our client’s question: the use of eye vitamins in the treatment of ophthalmological illnesses, including AMD. We ascertained the roles played by pharmacists and doctors in encouraging patients to use eye vitamins. Further, our research led our client to better understand prospective customers: their perspective, expectations, fears and observations.

Due to frequent involvement in projects relating to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, PMR created a medical panel. Thanks to this specially created body, PMR was able to meet the client’s goal: access a specifically targeted group of physicians in a very short period of time.

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