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Product development

Tailoring a product to customers’ expectations and subsequent effective sales management activities require the support of market research. Naturally, vital information on a product’s market position is provided by sales data, but these only reflect the result of decisions made at the stage of design, production, promotion and sale. The primary objective of a product test is to validate the decision-making process.

Product tests comprise a group of consumer research services diversified in terms of subject and methodology applied. Irrespectively of their focus area, their objective is to provide business information relevant for product management.

Product testing

The support of research at new product development stage helps improve the existing concepts and design changes to products which have already been placed on the market.

Product Testing

Price testing

Testing price flexibility of customers or collecting data allowing to place various functional versions of a product in a given price category are only a few of the applications of price tests.

Price Testing

Product segmentation

Segmentation provides a wider perspective on product assessment. It allows evaluation to what extent the needs and expectations have been met across the entire product portfolio, and assessment of the impact of a new product on the sales of existing products.

Product segmentation

Distribution channel analysis

The backbone of operations of many companies is a properly designed distribution network. It is vital that the product is distributed as our client expects and that the selling process confirms the customer’s purchasing decision.

Distribution channel analysis