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Choose from a selection of market analysis written by our experts. The topics covered in these articles include reviews of the market situation in sectors and information about trends and forecasts for CEE countries. Some articles also discuss issues related to market, product and consumer research.

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The Research PMR team prepared a glossary of terms and phrases used in market and marketing research. Information contained in the glossary will be helpful in getting to know the types of research studies, techniques and methods. The glossary will also be useful in clarifying the differences between quantitative and qualitative research and highlighting your knowledge about research-related issues, etc.

  • What does the term "quantitative research" mean?
    One of the two main research categories referring to the poll-related and experimental research methods. The main feature of quantitative research is the interest in quantitative, numeral description and explanation of the reality. It responds to questions such as how frequently specific opinions, facts or phenomena occur in a surveyed population. They use large samples of respondents representing whole populations. These surveys are conducted based on standardised research tools such as questionnaires and surveys.
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  • What does "mystery shopping" involve?
    A research technique applied most frequently to obtain information allowing to assess the personnel behaviour towards customers, examine consumer behaviour in real conditions, and check the product sales environment. This method combines participating observation and interview. During the visit the interviewer acts as a customer not revealing his/her identity, and records the observation results in a form appropriately prepared for this purpose. Then, the data collected during the series of interviews is analysed.
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  • How to identify a "research issue"?
    A set of all questions and topics that the research is supposed to answer. The necessary condition of the appropriate formulation of the research problem is agreeing with the customer the entire list of issues and details related to the customer needs, and the planned manner to use results obtained within the research.
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