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Consumer research

How is your company perceived by customers? Is the customer service standard satisfactory? Do you know your consumers: How do they behave under different circumstances? How can you divide them into target groups? Answers to these questions and many more can be provided by consumer research.

Consumer behaviour research

Consumer behaviour is the most general category of consumer-centred research. For companies, it provides a view of the world on the other side of the glass. Even managers who know their business inside-out need feedback from the market.

Consumer Behaviour Research

Customer satisfaction

The level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is one of the most frequently used measures describing the condition of the enterprise or organisation in its relations with customers. These measures can also be part of a warning system regarding changes to customer structure and the migration of customers to competitors.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service research

The backbone of many companies’ operations is a satisfactory level of customer service. If a product reaches its intended destination, it is important for the sales division to be able to close the transaction in a due manner, while post-sales forces should assure the customer that they were right to make this purchasing decision.

Customer Service Research

Target group research

Understanding customers and their choices, getting to know customers’ new needs, some of which have yet to become clear, defining areas and gaps in those unsatisfied needs – these are the areas for target group research.

Target Group Research