Experience PMR

International research

If you are interested in entering a new market in one or more countries of which you know very little or you would like to get an insight into opinions about your brand and demand for your products in several countries.

  • What is the potential of new markets in the CEE region?
  • How to make a comparison of the situation of a company or a product in several markets?
  • How to identify new distribution channels and markets?

As part of the implementation of international projects, Research PMR provides:

  • multi-country assignments,
  • excellent knowledge of markets in the CEE region,
  • services provided by specialists operating in local markets who have knowledge of local realities,
  • a track record of projects describing markets and defining market entry barriers,
  • experience in coordinating international projects in non-European markets – we have conducted research projects in diverse markets, including Germany, France, Canada, US, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, UK and Spain.

Our offering

We will assign an experienced project manager as a contact person responsible for the coordination of multi-country projects. This offers the following advantages:

  • methodological consistency across all markets,
  • consistency of results enabling comparison of data,
  • efficiency in communication between the client and the agency,
  • time savings for the client.

An example of an international research project:
We carried out a research study into the image and awareness of a footwear brand in the markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Russia. The project involved a full-scale brand image study comparing the brand against competitive brands. Concurrent implementation of the project in several countries resulted in a comparison of brand value in diverse markets and helped review the sales strategy.

How do we deliver

With regard to international research, we perform projects employing every type of research methodology available. When developing a plan for an international research project, we take into account local conditions, such as access to the Internet or other considerations typical of a market in a given country. As a result, we are able to propose a methodology which will ensure the project’s speedy implementation in keeping with the obligation to provide representative samples which have been profiled in a due manner.