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Insight analysis of IT market in Poland

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Research Project - IT and telecommunications

Client's need

Research department at PMR conducted a study into the Polish IT market for the purposes of the next edition of the project. The goal was to investigate the current state of IT resources in companies operating in Poland. Additionally, we examined opportunities and barriers in the market’s development, potential development of individual IT segments, and also the state of companies, including number of employees and level of wages.

Our deliverables

The study was conducted on a sample of 300 largest IT companies in Poland. Using CATI, 94 interviews were carried out with, among others, managerial staff in IT departments and other competent employees.

Value for the client

Our research allowed us to examine the following issues, contained in a report by PMR Publications department entitled IT market in Poland. Development forecasts: 

  • opportunities and barriers in the growth of the IT market in Poland
  • market dynamics
  • development prospects for individual segments
  • industries investing in IT in Poland
  • mergers and acquisitions in the IT market in Poland and elsewhere
  • profile and market situation of major Polish IT companies
  • major events in the IT market
  • condition of the respondent’s company.
The publication was updated with detailed data and PMR analysts’ expert opinion on the hardware market, IT services and software. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR