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Digitization in Polish healthcare: qualitative and quantitative research among hospitals and out-patients clinics

  • Industry

    IT and telecommunication

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    IT provider

  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Research Project - IT and telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

One of the leading companies in Polish IT services commissioned PMR to conduct a research project aimed at analyzing Polish healthcare facilities’ compliance with the amendment to the act on information systems in healthcare.

Our deliverables

The project consisted of two complementary stages. During the first stage, we conducted over 250 quantitative interviews in facilities from various healthcare sectors (both public and non-public  hospitals). In those interviews, we raised the issue of digitization in those facilities, how it is funded, and potential barriers standing in the way of implementing this IT project.
In the second stage of the project, we conducted a number of qualitative interviews with experts from the fields of IT and healthcare, as well as our client’s partners. The purpose of these interviews was to deepen our knowledge of digitization in healthcare, determine the optimal models of implementing IT services, and to prepare forecasts on the pace of implementation of such these types of projects.

Value for the client

The client received a comprehensive analysis of digitization in the Polish healthcare system. During the course of the project, we determined the pace of implementing IT services in various kinds of medical facilities, and identified plans for implementing provisions of the act. Furthermore, we established the percentage of facilities where EDM (Electronic Document Management) has been successfully implemented, determined the sources of funding, as well as barriers standing in the way of digitization. We also diagnosed the preferred models of IT services (own resources versus outsourcing) in individual institutions.An in-depth analysis of the use of IT services in the medical sector will allow our client to tailor their offer to the expectations of healthcare facilities. The client will be able to use the project’s findings to choose the optimal business strategy geared towards Polish healthcare facilities.

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