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Analysis of the hospital market in Poland

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Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

Magellan is a leader in financial services for the healthcare sector. The company partners with hospitals and suppliers of medical products and services, providing them with financing for their current activity. For many years the company has been conducting regular assessments of the conditions of the Polish hospitals.

Due to the recent changes in legal regulation of the medical sector, the client wanted PMR to provide them with the following:

  • an evaluation of the effects of those legal changes
  • gathered opinions of hospital representatives on the current state of healthcare in Poland
  • an analysis of the performance of those hospitals, which have become non-public (commercialised).

Our deliverables

In order to obtain market information, 100 interviews were conducted with executive personnel of public hospitals, and 40 with non-public hospital executive personnel. Information gathered during the surveys was supplemented by official statistics from the OECD, GUS (Central Statistical Office in Poland) and the Ministry of Health’s official publications. This allowed us to place the state of the Polish healthcare sector in an international context.

In addition, results were discussed with healthcare market experts who provided us with more complex and experience-based insight, as well as their views on the transition from public to private.

PMR also played an active part in publishing the report, which was presented at an internal meeting with Magellan's clients. Marcin Rzepka, our Head of Research Services, took part in a press conference organised by PAP (Polish Press Agency), during which the report was officially unveiled.

Polish version of the report is available here.

Value for the client

In addition to the analytical report (which presented data gathered during interviews with both public and private hospitals), the client received valuable comments presented by PMR analysts and independent experts. Furthermore, PMR played an active part in publishing and promoting the report, which is available for free.

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