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Market access study for an orphan drug in Poland

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    5 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

A pharmaceutical company interested in entering the Polish market commissioned a market access study. The drug is used in so-called orphan diseases - conditions that affects a small percentage of the population. It is therefore a very narrow segment of the pharmaceutical market. The analysis helped to decide on the best market entry strategy, product price, and also reimbursement strategy.

Our deliverables

PMR's solution was based on a very effective strategy, which allowed us to deliver a great deal of information and knowledge at a relatively low outlay. Our research team used the method of desk research analysis, which is based on collecting statistical data, study results, analytical reports and legal documents, in order to respond to very specific questions pertaining to our client's business. The analysis was supplemented by expert interviews, which allowed us to confirm our information. Next, we proceeded to the crucial step of analyzing, interpreting and synthesizing the findings.

Value for the client

Thanks to our methodology and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market, PMR delivered a presentation which summarized the month-long period of data gathering. The client was presented with a unified summary of the findings, answers to their most important questions presented in clear and compelling graphic form (diagrams, graphs), which allowed our client to quickly assimilate knowledge of the Polish market.

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