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Construction chemicals market in Russia

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Client's need

For the purposes of the PMR's report our research division conducted B2B survey of construction chemicals sector. The basis of the research was a sample of 304 Micro and Medium Enterprises (employing up to 50 people) representing construction sector in Russia.

Our deliverables

The survey used the CATI technique (computer-assisted telephone interviews) and was conducted among companies of various sizes by specially trained interviewers. To ensure a reliable market analysis we applied quota sampling according to total number of employees. As a result we completed 200 interviews with companies employing from 11 up to 50 people and 104 interviews with businesses employing up to 10 people. 

All surveyed companies represented the group of Micro and Medium Enterprises operating in the construction market. It was our research objective to explore the target group of respondents having direct contact with construction chemicals products. Thanks to these assumptions developed by our analysts we delivered a reliable insight into construction chemicals market in Russia.

Value for the client

All the respondents were the executive staff members with wide knowledge of building materials used in construction investment process. The analyses were prepared using the original PMR methodology of industry analysis - PMR MarketInsight Methodology - the methodology developed and used by PMR to assist in the preparation of comprehensive reports and industry analysis.

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