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Study of the clinical trials market in Poland

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Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

For the purposes of the PMR's report "Clinical trials in Poland - Development forecasts" PMR conducted the fourth edition of the research concerning the situation of clinical trails market in Poland.

According to PMR analysis, clinical trails market in Poland in next three years will be growing moderately, though Poland will remain one of the most attractive clinical trails markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The Polish market is both mature and secure. Stagnation experienced in the sector is mainly a result of macroeconomic factors as well as legal barriers.

Our deliverables

The project includes interviews with the executives of CMO (Contract Research Organization) and SMO (Site Management Organization) as well as with the executives representing companies conducting clinical trails in Poland.  B2B market survey was conducted among sixty enterprises operating in clinical trail sector. The survey used the CATI technique (computer-assisted telephone interviews). The key elements of the questionnaire focused on the issues of current value and dynamics of the market as well as on key events and their impacts on the situation within the industry. The emphasis is also put on the current trends, barriers and growth drivers encountered by businesses operating on the market.

Value for the client

The report is a comprehensive analysis of the clinical trail sector in Poland comprising both, barriers as well as growth drivers encountered by businesses operating on the market. It also contains forecasts concerning the climate for trials over the next three years, essential for companies planning operations in the Polish clinical trials market as well as for those already present in the business, enabling both to plan their research and development strategies effectively.

The report features such issues as:

  • size of the Polish market
  • up-to-date information on the industry conditions and a complete description of market trends
  • financial data and profiles of the clinical trials sector in Poland
  • profiles of clinical trials carried out in Poland 
  • legal aspects of conducting clinical trials in Poland.
The clinical trail sector analysis is supplemented with the directory of CROs and SMOs active on the Polish market.

Complete results of the research laid the basis for the PMR Publications' report "Clinical trials in Poland - Development forecasts". Back to List of Projects - Research PMR