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Market study of customer flow in rest and service areas (RSA)

  • Industry

    Restaurants, cafes, rest areas and convenience stores

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type


  • Delivery time

    3 weeks

Client's need

At the primary stage of developing a strategy for opening new sales points, the client was looking for information on the intensity of car and customer flow in rest and service areas (RSA). For this purpose the client ordered a marketing study from PMR, which involved measuring the intensity of customer flow in two RSAs.

Our deliverables

In order to meet the customers’ expectations, PMR has carried out observations of two motorway service areas, together with the client. Specially trained PMR interviewers conducted disguised non-participant observation. Each of the points was observed for 24 hours both during the week and at the weekend.

The interviewers, using special equipment and check sheets, counted and categorised vehicles entering the RSAs. At the same time the second group of interviewers observed the customers of a fast food restaurant. In order to guarantee the highest quality of findings, the image from the entire observed area was recorded on video media. This allowed for controlling the interviewers’ work and verify the collected data.

Value for the client

As a result of the marketing study, the customer received detailed statistics on the number and type of vehicles entering the RSAs. Thanks to the observations in restaurants, PMR provided the client with the number of people entering the restaurants with detailed estimations of the consumers. All the data were presented in the form of graphs and tables. The results of the study have enabled the client to support its development strategy decisions with solid data.

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