International Experience

Study of the customer profile and brand for a footwear chain

  • Industry

    Clothing and footwear

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Retail chains

  • Delivery time

    6 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

The operator of a large footwear chain wished to assess the condition of one of its brands following several years of its presence on the Polish market. Our client provided us with a list of research problems, including:

  • finding whether the stores attract customers from the assumed target group
  • investigating whether the stores meet the shoppers’ expectations
  • verifying the chain’s image in order to ensure that the current marketing activity has been appropriate and sufficient.

Our deliverables

To respond to a number of varied research questions presented in the project, PMR applied an approach composed of several research methodologies, in order to look at the subject from several perspectives. We interviewed store managers and regular customers as well as visitors to stores – also the ones who did not purchase any products. The project involved both exploratory qualitative research as well as quantitative research.

Value for the client

Findings of the brand image research allowed the client to verify its current image activity in order to create more successful and appealing communication with the most promising customer group. Moreover, as a result of the study the customer found out which elements of the stores’ operations need improving or enhancing, so as to better adapt to customer requirements and successfully face the competition.

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