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Test marketing of drug treatments for patients with multiple myeloma in Poland

  • Industry

    New drug therapies

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Pharmaceutical manufacturer

  • Delivery time

    2 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

The purpose of the project was to test a product – a new drug treatment for patients with multiple myeloma. Haematologists evaluated the composition of the new drug, the marketing message and the possibilities of application in the Polish healthcare system. The research project was part of an international study covering several countries worldwide.

Our deliverables

The methodology by the client was Online Focus Group Interview. Group interviews were conducted through an Internet platform which enabled the invited haematologists to take part in the discussion combined with the presentation of the materials prepared for the tests.

Online Focus Group Interviews provide new opportunities for research, especially involving experts who are not easily available and scattered over various locations with an Internet connection. The respondents in this project were haematologists having appropriate experience in treating patients with multiple myeloma in specialist hospitals throughout Poland.

The fast and efficient recruitment was possible thanks to the PMR Medical Panel, used by PMR in projects concerning the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

Value for the client

The research provided the client with opinions on the new drug treatment for patients with multiple myeloma and assisted it in making decisions on marketing strategy for this product.

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