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Website testing

If you’re not on the web, you’re hiding from your customers. Today, websites have evolved from being simply online business cards to being a central part of retaining existing business and increasing market share. Websites that are effective present a company’s offering and help foster improved relationships between companies and their clients. But it’s not sufficient to simply launch a website and then hope or expect it to serve its purpose – research and quality data are needed to ensure your site adds value to your business.

  • How is my website viewed by its visitors?
  • Is my website functional from a usability point of view?
  • How easy is it for visitors to find the information they are looking for?

Opinions expressed by customers (website users) are invaluable. Many businesses focus their attention on the quality of customer service provided at physical direct points of sale, while neglecting their online channels. Similarly, some companies direct resources toward implementing the latest, most-sophisticated visual or technological capabilities on their websites, while paying little attention to basic functionality and content.

Our offering

By engaging Research PMR to evaluate your online presence, we commit to delivering a comprehensive assessment of the quality and functionality of your website from the perspective of your intended end user.

Website testing typically consists of:

  • user expectations,
  • identification of the website’s weaknesses, as seen by its users and/or target audience,
  • a review of user requirements with respect to the current version of the website and recommended changes.

How do we deliver

While carrying out website testing projects Research PMR team uses a methodology based on conducting interviews or surveys. The functionality of websites and online services is reviewed using usage tests requiring typical end users to perform specific tasks. Such tests are typically carried out as part of a group discussion including a series of individual tasks where each participant visits the website or online service and performs a specific task. A discussion follows, during which participants share their views and observations. Alternatively, individual (computer-aided) interviews can be conducted.