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Atherosclerosis - on-line survey among specialists in Poland

Research PMR was commissioned to recruit various specialists in Poland for an internet survey on Atherosclerosis. The study was carried out among Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, IMs and GPs. Our responsibilities were as follows: finding appropriate specialists, contacting them with invitations to participate in the study, supervising the process of filling in the on-line questionnaires and helping with an advice when necessary.

PMR Research is a full service agency providing services at all stages of research projects; from questionnaire design through fieldwork to data analysis. We can be a single point of contact for multinational projects saving your time and guaranteeing the same high quality and consistency of deliverables. We are fluent in the following areas of research in Central and Eastern Europe:
  • international research
  • B2B and consumer surveys
  • central location tests
  • healthcare research using proprietary physicians’ and pharmacists’ Medical Panel
  • brand awareness studies using our Brand Image Insight methodology
  • name, package and product testing
  • competition & segmentation studies
  • comprehensive industry analyses using PMR MarketInsight methodology.

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