Market Research - Research PMR

Strategy and values

We want to be a successful business, making money for shareholders and staff, and delivering great value to clients.


PMR is focused on being a highly successful organisation. PMR's philosophy is to be a first class supplier in its chosen markets, meeting or exceeding client expectations, while providing superior levels of quality and customer service, and an attractive working environment for ambitious and talented members of staff.

Many companies have similar mission statements. Our culture is genuine.

Solid information

We want to remain focused on solving our clients' real problems: giving great value for money by providing genuinely valuable information and services, saving our clients' time and money, and helping them to be more successful.

Our business strategy is to remain close to our many existing clients, understanding them and also applying our expertise to be able to address both their current challenges and to anticipate their future needs.


Everyone is told in their "new staff" induction that we want them to say if they experience something different in reality from the company values we believe in. We can only improve if we encourage constructive criticism and feedback.

We want to use the advantages of being in Cracow, one of the most attractive cities in Europe, to attract great staff and clients.

Constant development

We are opportunistic. If we see value in implementing new services and capabilities, and we have the capacity, we will introduce new services; but not before we are ready and when we know we can deliver new services at a high level.

In the difficult business environment we remain profitable, knowing that the drivers of the free market system - capital mobility, competition, technological progress and the profit motive - will keep the process of globalisation moving forward. We will remain ready to help our clients exploit the opportunities this situation presents, move swiftly, and be more successful. We remain quietly confident that we have the experience and people to offer great value. Companies like ours and those we work for have a good future ahead of them.