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Footwear brand condition and development potential

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Client's need

In order to make changes in a brand’s development strategy, communication and product offer, one has to start with an analysis of the brand’s current position in the market, its strengths and weaknesses, and the needs of the consumer. A Polish footwear manufacturer wanted to do just that, and commissioned PMR to conduct a study into the market’s condition, their brand’s image, and the needs and expectations of both current and potential consumers.

Our deliverables

A team of PMR analysts conducted a thorough investigation into the brand’s condition, conducting both qualitative and quantitative interviews. During the first stage, we carried out quantitative CATI interviews. Thanks to our chosen approach, we were able to find out about brand awareness, the brand’s position against its competitors, and the profile of the target audience.

During the following stage, we conducted a series of focus groups with both the brand’s consumers and non-consumers.
A qualitative study gave us better insight into the consumers’ world, and enabled us to answer the following research questions:
- What are the shopping habits of female consumers when purchasing footwear?
- How do female respondents perceive the client’s brand and competing brands?
- Do female consumers identify with the client’s brand?
- What are the main motivators and barriers in purchasing footwear?
- What unmet needs do female consumers have in terms of footwear?

Value for the client

A comprehensive report from the study (which included both qualitative and quantitative methods), allowed our client to gain insight into the needs and opinions of both existing and potential consumers, and to look at the brand from their perspective. The findings helped facilitate changes in the brand’s marketing strategy, implement product innovations, and adjust the offer to the expectations of the Polish consumer.

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