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Diagnostic tests market potential in Russia and Poland

  • Industry

    Medical laboratory

  • Geographical coverage

    Poland, Russia

  • Client type

    Research agency

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

PMR conducted a study aimed at determining the potential of the diagnostic tests segment in the Polish and Russian markets. The study’s goal was to understand the management model in the healthcare sector in terms of equipment for laboratory diagnostics, as well as evaluating the possibility of introducing innovative diagnostic solutions into the market. 

Our deliverables

The study was based on a comprehensive desk research analysis, which included an analysis of various types of existing sources: scientific articles, legal documents and regulations, as well as online sources of information on laboratory tests. Furthermore, we conducted a series of expert interviews with specialists – doctors and healthcare system representatives from both countries – which allowed us to deepen our knowledge, verify existing data and confirm our research conclusions.

Value for the client

As a result of the study the client received detailed information on the management methods of laboratory diagnostics equipment in the healthcare systems in Russia and Poland. Report contains the information on testing procedures, availability, prices in diagnostics and possible drug coverage which allowed our client to evaluate the potential of these markets and make strategic business decisions regarding the implementation of the new product. 

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