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Qualitative study with psychiatrists on their experiences in treating ADHD

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Client's need

A client commissioned PMR to conduct a qualitative research study in Poland into the experiences of doctors who treat ADHD. Crucial for the study’s success was reaching a specific target group (psychiatrists who specialise in this disorder), and learning about their opinions and experiences in their daily work. The client, wanting to adjust their marketing strategy to local conditions, was particularly keen on finding out more about the preferred treatment methods, challenges and barriers faced by doctors in treating ADHD.

Our deliverables

A series of in-depth individual interviews (IDIs) was completed with specialist psychiatrists in Poland. Owing to many years of experience in recruiting specialist doctors and our medical database PMR Medical Panel, finding doctors from one of the most scarce specialties in Poland was not a problem.

The involvement of PMR’s experiences moderators guaranteed a high quality of moderation and exploring all key issues, as well as gathering supplementary information useful in the client’s business operations.

Value for the client

As a result of our chosen research methodology, the client received detailed and extensive information on psychiatrists’ attitude towards the treatment of both paediatric and adult patients with ADHD.

In the course of the study we identified key trends in the treatment of ADHD in Poland, diagnosed main barriers in treating this group of patients and challenges faced by both the medical and non-medical communities. We pointed out further potential areas of cooperation where our client with other groups involved in caring for patients with ADHD.

Thanks to the information the client will be able to plan effective marketing steps, tailored to the needs and expectations of their target group in Poland.

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