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Concept testing for a new product in the alcohol market

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    FMCG: flavored alcohol

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Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

An alcohol industry producer wanted to examine, prior to implementing a new product into the Polish market, which version of their product would be most suitable for the Polish consumer. The main objective was therefore to identify the highest rated concepts in terms of taste, packaging, label and product name.

Our deliverables

As part of the project we completed six focus group interviews (FGI) with both male and female consumers. During our research we conducted sensory tests of product samples, the four aspects of which were then rated by the respondents. Next, a quantitative analysis was performed by comparing the samples with each other, and examining the respondents’ taste preferences.

Value for the client

The study provided our client with answers to their questions about consumer habits and preferences. It allowed us to define the new product’s target group, as well as to outline alcohol consumption habits in the groups surveyed. The client received a number of recommendations with regard to the following:

  • defining the target group
  • marketing communication in terms of name, method of consumption and product label
  • most promising version of the product
  • features of bottle design and label, together with the pros and cons of the highest rated version of the product.
In addition, the client was presented with two examples of marketing strategies and their comparisons, including risk factors. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR