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Study of the Polish premium clothing market

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    Clothing retail

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    Clothing retailer

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

An international chain of premium clothing stores commissioned PMR to conduct a study of their brand and consumer habits, to provide support for ongoing marketing and sales operations. The study’s aim was to diagnose the client’s brand, including brand perception and brand awareness among the target audience, and furthermore, to explore buying habits within this group.

Our deliverables

The study was conducted in two stages:

  1. an exploratory analysis of secondary data, the aim of which was to review the premium clothing market in Poland, identify the competitive environment and define the target audience profile
  2. Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews with the target audience defined by the client.

Value for the client

PMR provided the client with results which included:

  • brand diagnosis, including brand awareness and brand image among the target group
  • analysis of the brand ambassador’s image
  • identifying functional attributes and brand personality traits
  • diagnosis of consumer habits and behaviors in the premium segment
  • analysis of purchasing preferences of the target group, both regular customers and consumers who are not customers.
Thanks to PMR Brand Image, we conducted a comprehensive diagnosis of the chain’s regular customers. The results were presented in the context of premium clothing in Poland, including Polish and international competitors. The information allowed our client to better understand consumer behavior in the premium clothing segment, and to make adequate decisions in terms of image and business operations. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR