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New tobacco product in the Polish market: concept testing.

  • Industry

    Tobacco industry

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Tobacco company

  • Delivery time

    6 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

A manufacturer of tobacco products planned to launch a completely new product, unknown to Polish consumers. Before that they wanted to test the prototype in order to make sure it met the target audience’s expectations. Additionally, the client wished to test out a few variants of product names and packaging designs, so as to guide further work on their product’s branding.
The client wanted to determine the market potential for the new tobacco product, choose visual elements which would appeal to the target audience, and build an optimal communication strategy.

Our deliverables

We proposed an approach which combined two research techniques, in order to closely examine both the product and the designs. Mixing individual and group techniques enabled us to find what works best for our client. 

Our research comprised of:

  • An online bulletin board where the target audience could test the name and packaging designs
  • Focus groups with the same participants, during which we were able to test the product and verify how well the packaging designs fit the product.

Value for the client

The client received detailed information on the perception of the new product, and on how well the name and packaging design fits their product. Furthermore, by participating in the research the client could directly observe the target group’s reactions to the prototype, and received recommendations on how to adjust it to the needs of Polish consumers.

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