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Deep vein thrombosis in patients suffering from cancers

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    Research agency

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    12 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

An international research agency commissioned PMR to conduct a study aimed at improving the strategy for one of the drugs from the portfolio of its client, a pharmaceutical company.
The client wanted to learn about various physicians’ approach to the prevention and treatment of a specific disease of the circulatory system; additionally, they wanted to find out what were the unmet needs and barriers in prescribing the product.

Our deliverables

The study consisted of two complementary phases: qualitative and quantitative. The first phase included 24 telephone depth interviews (TDIs) with physicians of various specialties, jointly with the client and based on the results of a pilot study. The findings allowed us to prepare for the next stage of our research, that is 40 questionnaires conducted using the CAWI method. Thanks to PMR Medical Panel we were able to recruit physicians from different fields.

Value for the client

Thanks to the findings from both phases, our client was able to verify the brand strategy for their product and to adjust it to the current needs of the market. New target groups for the product were also identified.

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