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Marketing and PR in Polish companies

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Client's need

Together with ComPress, one of the largest PR companies in Poland, PMR conducted a study on marketing and PR in Polish companies. The aim of the project was to diagnose marketing and public relations activity in private companies. The scope of our research included four areas: marketing and PR goals, measuring effects, budget, and strategy and activity of marketing and PR.

Our deliverables

As part of the B2B survey 400 telephone-assisted computer interviews (CATI) were conducted. The sample comprised medium and large companies operating in the private sector that actively carry out marketing and PR activities. Structure of the companies corresponded with the structure of private companies in a particular industry.

Value for the client

As a result of the study ComPress received information on the cooperation between marketing and PR departments in private companies. An interesting finding is the fact that marketing and PR departments very rarely use indicators of the effectiveness of their activity - the most popular performance indicator being the sales index, which is used by a third of medium and large firms. In turn, CRM and CMS are used by almost half of the researched companies.

The results of the study let us diagnose:

  • current trends in marketing and PR
  • outsourcing in marketing and PR
  • benchmarking usage
  • a company's activity in different areas of marketing (i.e. CSR strategy, generating sales leads).
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