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Needs and expectations of agricultural machinery users

  • Industry


  • Geographical coverage

    Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK, USA

  • Client type

    Manufacturer of agricultural machinery

  • Delivery time

    6 weeks

Client's need

Our client, one of the leading global producers of agricultural machinery, was in the process of developing one of its products. In order to discover the customer needs and expectations, our client asked us to carry out a usage and attitude study, combined with a satisfaction study. The survey’s aim was to improve the understanding of the needs of consumers using the product, and ensure that the planned product development is following the same direction as the customer expectations.

Our deliverables

In response to the client’s inquiry, PMR conducted 260 B2C computer assisted telephone interviews with agricultural machinery users in six countries around the world (Australia, France, Canada, Germany, USA, United Kingdom). The survey reached users of agricultural machinery, manufactured by both our client and the competition. Each interview lasted around 20-25 minutes and comprised two parts:

• user profile and the method of using agricultural machinery
• 85 statements concerning the various features of the analysed machinery – the respondents rated the importance and performance level of each feature.

Value for the client

The client company wanted its employees developing the product to analyse all the collected data independently. For this purpose we have provided the client with a complete survey database in MS Excel format, prepared in a way that allows easy transformations and analyses. Additionally, the client received a report from PMR in the Tableau format, which enables a much easier and more intuitive (compared to MS Excel) independent analysis of findings. The client is able to browse the results of the marketing study by features, groups of features, as well as across other variables, such as the country, respondent type, currently used machinery etc.

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