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Research study on the Polish e-commerce market and its consumers

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    FMCG Retail

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    Service supplier

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    5 weeks

Research Project - IT and telecommunications, retail and FMCG

Client's need

PMR has analysed the interaction of the consumer and e-commerce. In particular, PMR has researched consumer motives for shopping online. The nature of online purchases made by consumers were examined: the frequency, the products, and the services. An equally critical step was discovering the particular product categories consumers choose not to buy online.

The e-commerce market – aka electronic trade or e-shopping – is the market of goods and services purchased on the internet. This market is growing robustly and attracting new customers. The scale of the online shopping phenomenon can be illustrated by previous Research PMR: In over 40% of survey respondents stated that they had shopped online in the previous six months.

You can read the complete research project, which includes additional comprehensive analyses, in the recently published PMR report Online retail market in Poland. E-commerce market analysis and development forecasts.

Our deliverables

To better examine online shopping habits, PMR chose the survey research method. We could then gather data relatively quickly from a large sample of respondents. A randomly, nationwide sample of 1,000 adult respondents who had previously shopped online was then surveyed.

Value for the client

The published report:

  • breaks down the share of people choosing each product category
  • describes the most common motives/reasons for buying online
  • ranks the most popular categories of products purchased on the internet
  • details the average levels of spending found in online shopping
  • ranks by popularity the online shopping networks (price comparison engines, auction platforms)
  • lists online consumer preferences for method of payment and delivery options
  • spells out the most common reasons given for not buying online.

We also learned about the 20 most popular product and service categories ordered online. You can also read additional, in-depth findings collected from areas:
  • grocery products and home detergents
  • consumer electronics, digital media, home appliances
  • cosmetics (including perfume)
  • clothing and footwear
  • furniture and decorative items, tools, and construction and renovation materials.

The authors of this research project added a section dedicated to consumer habits in the area of online shopping. This section analyses e-store and auction website functionalities. It has revealed the key features of these stores, which determine their high popularity. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR