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New brand navigation due a series of unconventional focus groups

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    3 weeks

Research Project - other industries

Client's need

Even the most well-loved and established brands need some refreshing branding. That was the case with a well-respected car brand.
An international market research agency asked us to carry out a research project for their client, an established car manufacturer. In addition to redefining the brand strategy, one of the research’s key objectives was looking at an earlier quantitative study on the target audience and determining to what extent it reflects real-life consumer attitudes. 

Our deliverables

We completed a series of focus group interviews, during which we looked at groups which were part of the client’s target audience. Aside from the standard 8-person focus groups, we also organized a larger group and a conflict group. Participants were those respondents who demonstrated a high level of creativity and were passionate about cars. The scenario emphasis was placed on good group dynamics and enabling projective techniques. Thanks to this methodology we were able to answer our research questions in the standard groups, and in the other ones - to concentrate on the specific issues of our additional research objectives. 

Value for the client

A well-coordinated, large number of focus groups, demanding recruitment process and professional moderation were only the means to achieve the goal, which was to provide the client with valuable research materials and new insights for the end report from an international study. The client was able to find out more about the profiles of Polish consumers from different segments of the car market, understand their decision making process behind buying a car, and learn about the values respondents assign to the client’s brands as well as to those of the competition.

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