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Analysis of e-commerce market in Russia

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Client's need

The project’s aim was to analyse the e-commerce market in Russia. The scope included an analysis of 21 product categories, with emphasis placed on 5 key categories: clothing and footwear, electronics and household appliances, DIY and furniture, cosmetics and household detergents, and food products.

Our deliverables

Using computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI), we surveyed 600 adult residents of Russia who had access to the internet. The interviews were conducted with persons who had purchased online a product from one of the 21 categories.

Value for the client

The report contains detailed information on purchase frequency, average purchase expenses, buyers’ motivation and most popular online retailers, in relation to the five main product categories. The publication also contains:

  • comparative analysis of e-shopping and traditional shopping
  • popularity of different methods of payment
  • popularity of price comparison websites and auction platforms.
Results of the study indicate that almost two thirds of consumers surveyed are female (59%). Most online shoppers are young people aged 25-34 (42%), living in cities with over 1 million inhabitants (41%). Two thirds of consumers have used auction platforms (65%), with the most popular one being eBay (87%). Online shops were visited by 60% of consumers, the most popular of which is (83%), where customers purchased cosmetics, DIY products and furniture.
The study’s results were supplemented with PMR expert opinions on the e-commerce market in Russia. Detailed information on the report: Online retail market in Russia. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR