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Pet grooming market analysis

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    Pet grooming market

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    3 weeks

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Client's need

Our client, one of the leading suppliers of equipment and cosmetics for pets, commissioned a study of the pet grooming market in Poland. Key issues for the client included an analysis of the purchasing process of grooming equipment and cosmetics, and the decision making process behind the purchase. Further, the client’s aim was raising brand awareness among their target groups and achieving the status of the best specialist center supplying salons, groomers and breeders.

Our deliverables

As part of the project we have conducted a series of interviews with grooming salons, individual self-employed professional groomers and dog breeders. The interviews were conducted using CATI based on a standardized questionnaire. Using quantitative techniques enabled us to measure the client’s brand potential, compare it with other brands and to compare the brand’s image in various target groups. During the course of our research we also identified key factors in choosing a supplier of grooming products, equipment and cosmetics.

Value for the client

The final report provided our client with comprehensive information on the pet grooming market in Poland, as well as on the crucial factors in choosing a supplier of grooming products. It also allowed to determine differences and similarities in the perception of the client’s brand in relation to other brands. Thanks to the study and its findings, our client was able to develop a suitable communication strategy and to consciously shape their image among their target groups.

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