Professional Market Research

Human Resources outsourcing in Poland - prospects of development

  • Industry

    Human Resources

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Service provider

  • Delivery time

    5 weeks

Client's need

The main objective of the research was a comprehensive analysis of the sector and pointing out the most promising businesses concerning HR outsourcing sector. It also aimed at identifying main barriers and key development directions in the sector.

Our deliverables

The research included three stages. The first stage was a desk research focused on market data concerning the value and the growth rate of outsourcing sector as well as regulative factors influencing operating in the market. The sources which proved useful at this stage were analyses by financial market experts, estimates of the market value and professional reports.

The second stage included interviews with experts, mainly representatives from leading HR companies. The interviews allowed us to verify the data we obtained in the first stage and to confront our analyses with opinions of specialists.

In the third stage we conducted in-depth TDIs (Telephone in-depth interviews) with managers and top heads of HR departments of enterprises operating in the businesses we specified. The interview was focused on experience in cooperation with external HR agencies as well as on identifying barriers and development drivers in the HR outsourcing sector in Poland.

Value for the client

Our analyses include estimates of value and growth rate in the sector concerning such factors as:

  • key events and trends determining the situation in the market
  • potential demand for outsourcing services
  • barriers for personnel outsourcing
  • the nature of market
  • legal regulations
  • forecasts and predicted changes.
As a result we provided our client with a comprehensive analytical report summarizing the data obtained in all three stages of the research. PMR assisted in the interpretation and discussion of the results.
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