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Marketing-focused recommendations based on Research PMR presented at “Adstandard” conference

Marketing-focused recommendations based on Research PMR presented at “Adstandard” conference In March, the Research PMR and consulting company once again disseminated its knowledge about cutting-edge approach for marketing and public relations. During the “Adstandard” conference, which was organized by Internet Standard and dedicated to online advertising, Marcin Rzepka (PMR) and Adam Sanocki (ComPress S.A.) delivered a lecture entitled “Comparison of new trends in marketing to local circumstances”. The two speakers drew on marketing research as the basis for practical recommendations for marketing and PR specialists operating.

PMR and ComPress experts began by presenting the results of a marketing research study conducted among employees engaged in marketing and PR operations (respondents were employees of private sector firms in Poland). According to the study, the main purpose of polish marketing and PR departments have been to build and maintain relationships with clients, but more than two-thirds of the companies did not use any performance indicators to measure the effects of such efforts.

Starting from a review of the current situation, the two experts pointed out key changes that are affecting today's marketing and PR. They included challenges connected with the new media, changes related to the sales process, limits seen in the effectiveness of advertising, and needs related to implementing and defining new tasks and goals for today's marketers. In their conclusion, Marcin Rzepka and Adam Sanocki presented a marketing concept called attention marketing. They also discussed the benefits and recommendations related to this approach.

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