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Research PMRResearch PMR is a market research company offering a full range of market research services. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of clients and work to the most rigorous methodological standards. Drawing on vast experience of conducting research studies in Central and Eastern Europe, Research PMR regularly carries out research projects in many countries in the region at the same time.

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Strategy and values

Our Strategy Research PMR is committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of client satisfaction. We strive to not only meet client expectations, but also exceed them. Research PMR clients benefit from a talented, committed team who are dedicated to providing high-quality research and unrivalled customer service.

Our Strategy

PMR Customer Commitment

Our CommitmentHelping our customers make informed decisions that will bring about real business benefit is our goal. Our competencies and experience can be of use to both large international organisations and small enterprises alike. For us, providing the highest quality research services and customer service is a source of professional satisfaction.

Our Commitment


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  • Telephone Interviewer
  • Market Analyst / Researcher
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