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Medical products sales barriers: qualitative interviews with decision-makers in Polish healthcare facilities

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Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

One of our clients had noticed that despite the fact that their sales activities are similar to those of the competitors, the company failed to become the preferred supplier in some healthcare facilities. The client wanted to find out what are the barriers to building a stronger position in that group of facilities, and how the company can overcome those barriers. 

Our deliverables

Because the purchasing process in large medical facilities is highly complex and requires the involvement of representatives from many departments, we conducted the recruitment in several stages.

The first step was identifying both the key and non-essential persons involved in the decision-making process in each facility. This allowed us to reach out to every one of those persons. The recruitment process was a challenging one because a facility only qualified for the study when at least three of its decision makers were available and willing to participate.
The individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) allowed us to minutely map the decision making process that takes place at every facility. We also identified the criteria that suppliers need to meet, and analyzed the needs and objectives of individual decision-makers which could potentially influence the choice of supplier of medical products.  

Value for the client

The data we acquired formed the basis of an extensive report which included an analysis of the decision making process in healthcare facilities, the success factors of competing companies, existing barriers and potential ways of overcoming them. This knowledge will allow our client to optimize their sales strategy for specific facilities. 

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