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Quantitative study of beer consumers in Poland using innovative immersion sessions

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    Market Research Agency

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    4 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

In order to strengthen their position as one of the leading brands in beer market, our client needed insights which would complement their hard market data. It was crucial for the client to distinguish between two market segment - pubs as a key HoReCa segment and retail. 

Our deliverables

Research PMRers carried out the project using an innovative type of methodology, seldom used in Polish marketing research. Immersion sessions allow researchers to gain insight not only into professed opinions, but also into deeply rooted attitudes. Through a number of sessions with consumers who regularly consume beer in the HoReCa segment, as well as purchase beer in the retail segment, we were able to research consumers’ primary motivations. We accompanied consumers to off-license shops and pubs, and examined the contents of their refrigerators. Of course this information-gathering process differed from most standard research methods – that is why we involved the most committed and experienced moderators.

Value for the client

The project resulted in a detailed report, which included data acquired during sessions with consumers, but also additional information on the beer market in Poland. The report contained information on consumer habits, and differences between the decision-making process in the HoReCa segment and retail segment.  An important thing to consider in the study was to embed the findings in the larger context of the Polish beer market and the needs of Polish consumers, which was of great value to the foreign client.

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