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Shopping center as product: comparing catchment area resident awareness and consumer awareness

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    Shopping centers market

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    5 weeks

Client's need

Polish consumers frequent, on average, 1.5 shopping centers per month. New ones are opening in both large cities and smaller towns. Hence, the market of shopping centers is becoming an increasingly interesting subject for marketing research. Those who carry out this kind of commercial activities want to know about the competitive advantages of other retail centers in the region. This was the case with this project, which PMR conducted on behalf of a client whose key business need was to find out about two groups of consumers and to compare them: people living in the center’s catchment area and the center’s consumers.

Our deliverables

Our approach consisted of an extensive quantitative survey on a random group of residents of the catchment area and the center’s consumers, but also desk research analysis, which allowed us insight into the local retail market and consumer potential.

Value for the client

This approach enabled us to deliver a report rich in useful data. Apart from the findings, it included a critical analysis of local competitors and their commercial offer. Additionally, the report defined our client’s growth potential in the region. Thanks to the results from other, cyclical PMR surveys, our client gained comprehensive knowledge on consumer habits in the shopping center market.

The findings from PMR’s study and more information on catchment area surveys are available here: /a42/the-importance-of-shopping-center-catchment-area-in-marketing-research-in-poland

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