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Loyalty program customer satisfaction. A qualitative study in the agricultural sector in Poland.

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    Chemical manufacturer

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    4 weeks

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Client's need

Our client has been running a loyalty program for a long time now. The program is aimed at individual customers, as well as agricultural stores and wholesalers who sell specialist products from the company’s portfolio. The client wanted to find out how their loyalty program compares to those of their competitors, and what can be done to improve the program and adapt it to the diverse needs of all groups of consumers.

Our deliverables

A team of qualitative interviewers conducted a series of personal in-depth interviews with owners of large farms and proprietors or managers of agricultural shops and wholesalers. Additionally, we completed a number of interviews with agricultural advisors who work for companies distributing products for the agricultural industry. This sampling allowed us to look at the research problem from many angles, and to gather comprehensive information on the expectations for loyalty programs in three groups of consumers. 

The biggest challenge was to recruit and interview members of a small target group - farmers who have unlimited and flexible working hours. However, thanks to PMR’s experienced fieldwork research team we were able to efficiently carry out the recruitment and interviews in a relatively short period of time.

Value for the client

The client received a final report which included an analysis of how their loyalty program is perceived by three different target groups. In addition to that, it included a SWOT analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the loyalty program when compared with competitors’ loyalty programs, and suggestions about how the program can be changed to meet the customers’ diverse needs.

Thanks to the comprehensive analysis conducted by PMR’s team of researchers, the client now has the tools to make the right business decisions about making improvements in their loyalty program, so that it meets their customers’ needs and fits in with their individual strategies.

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