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Protective coatings market in Poland

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Research Project - construction market

Client's need

Research PMR conducted a survey of the protective coatings market in Poland, which adds value to the industry analysis of the sector, and has been published in the form of a report entitled "Protective coatings market in Poland. Development forecasts". The study constitutes a comprehensive analysis of the market of protective products for wooden floors, concrete and metal. The main objective of the study was to diagnose the structure of the market, identify types of coatings used and the main trends and leading brands.

Our deliverables

A B2B survey was conducted on a random sample of companies operating in renovation in construction, which use protective coatings for wooden floors and concrete or metal structures. A total of 300 CATI interviews were conducted with managers or persons who have comprehensive knowledge about the company’s projects.

Value for the client

The survey allowed for a concise diagnosis of the protective coatings market and to describe in great detail each of its three segments.

The findings also helped us identify:

● key principals and most profitable types of orders
● current trends in the coatings market (eg. anti-graffiti coatings, electrostatic coatings for concrete, powder coatings for metal)
● places where construction companies purchase protective coatings
● most popular and top rated brands of protective coatings for wooden floors, concrete and metal
● brands most frequently chosen as an alternative

Our report also includes an analysis of the financial state of the renovation and construction companies using protective coatings, and information on average value order in the companies surveyed, as well as their preferred methods of payment.

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