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Concept testing in blood glucose meters among health professionals in Poland

  • Industry

    Medical equipment

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  • Client type

    Research agency

  • Delivery time

    5 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

One of our regular clients – an international market research agency specializing in healthcare and pharmaceuticals market research – conducted an international project and needed the support of a local partner who would be able to efficiently carry out qualitative research among health professionals. The main objective of the project was to test marketing messages directed to diabetes nurse educators and diabetologists regarding blood glucose meters (BGM).

Our deliverables

The PMR team conducted 6 dyads (qualitative interviews in pairs, whose main advantage is the dynamic interaction between the participants, confrontation of opinions and different perspectives) with diabetes nurse educators and diabetologists, as well as some additional qualitative telephone interviews (TDI) in the same target groups.
Afterwards, we completed a series of short telephone interviews with the same respondents, to see what information was remembered from the material presented. On this basis, we managed to select the best marketing messages, which should be directed to this target group.

Thanks to experience in the recruitment of doctors of various specialties, and a sizable panel of doctors - PMR Medical Panel - we were able to effectively recruit diabetologists and certified diabetes nurse educators, which is a very narrow specialization in Poland.

Value for the client

Experienced PMR market researchers were involved in this project - a project manager and a moderator with extensive experience in implementing projects in the medical industry for foreign customers, thanks to which we were able to maintain the highest standard of customer service.
The project produced results on all tested messages and recommendations as to which marketing communications should be directed to doctors, and which ones and nurses. As a result, the client could optimize their communication strategy and adapt it to the needs of the target group. The results of our research were presented in the final report.

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