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Ceramic tiles market – comprehensive consumer study in Poland

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    Ceramic tiles

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    8 weeks

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Client's need

One of Poland’s leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles commissioned PMR to conduct a study into the awareness of their brand and image among Polish consumers. Our main area of research was the purchasing process and motivators and barriers to purchase, as well as examining the client’s brand image in the contexts of competitors. 

Our deliverables

The study consisted of several stages, with each one building on the previous one’s finding. We used a mixed-methods approach, which included both qualitative and quantitative methods.
Firstly, we conducted an omnibus survey on a representative sample of adult Poles, in order to identify the level of market penetration of ceramic tiles, as well as knowledge of the client’s brand and competing brands.
Thanks to individual in-depth interviews we were able to identify the main stages of the decision making process and key factors that contribute to the brand’s image. Results from the qualitative stage allowed us to build more efficient research tools in the next stage.
The third and main part of the project was a quantitative study: CATI interviews with customers who purchased the client’s tiles and the competitors’ tiles.
Due to low awareness of brand names in the B2C construction market, reaching the target group was a considerable challenge. However, thanks to our experience and effective recruitment methods we completed the project successfully.

Value for the client

As a result of the study we compiled a comprehensive report which included a summary of the findings and recommendations. The findings allowed our client to have a better understanding of consumers in their segment. The recommendations were valuable in making changes to the marketing and product strategy, and helped our client to identify gaps in the market where their product offer could fit.

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