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Hospital market segmentation in Poland

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Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

At the request of one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment we completed a study into hospitals in Poland. Its main objective was distinguishing hospital segments based on their needs in terms of product categories. 

Our deliverables

In order to fully achieve our research objectives and answer all relevant questions, we applied an approach which combined both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

In the first stage of the study we completed a series of individual qualitative interviews, which outlined the users’ needs in terms of purchasing process and equipment usage. This part of the study allowed us to develop more powerful research tools for the next stage.

The second stage, which was the main part of the study, was carried out using computer-assisted telephone interviewing. We completed 232 effective interviews with public hospital employees (n=173) and non-public hospital employees in Poland (n=59).

In both stages of the study the sample consisted of medical directors, financial directors, department heads, biomedical engineers, IT department managers and department nurses. In some cases we contacted several persons in the same institution in order to make sure that all issues are investigated thoroughly.

Value for the client

In the course of the study we divided the market into segments based on hospitals’ preferences in terms of product characteristics, additional services, warranty offer, training offer etc. We identified hospital segments which are most attractive for the client, that is those which have the highest likelihood of maximizing ROI.

We also estimated market size, as well as the size of particular segments, and researched purchasing plans for the next few years. We diagnosed the purchasing process and pinpointed the persons involved in the decision making process of purchasing medical equipment.

The study’s findings provided the client with information which will allow them to develop a more efficient sales and offer strategy.

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