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Analysis of the healthcare system in Poland – flow of patients suffering from rare diseases

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Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

The project’s main objective was to understand the Polish healthcare system within the context of managing the treatment of two ultra-rare diseases. PMR’s client was considering introducing to the Polish market pharmaceuticals for patients suffering from diseases which affect a small number of the patient population, and the study would help them to fully comprehend the specifics of the Polish approach to treating these conditions. 

Our deliverables

We conducted 24 telephone depth interviews with doctors working in highly specialised medical facilities, during which we gained a comprehensive understanding of the model of managing the treatment of ultra-rare diseases in the Polish healthcare system.

We also assessed the doctors’ level of knowledge of these two ultra-rare diseases, and described the ways they are perceived and defined by Polish specialists. In the report we also presented specific cases of patients suffering from these conditions, which allowed our client to understand the patient’s path from the diagnosis stage to the treatment stage.

Additionally, the client received a database of key opinions leaders and highly specialised doctors who declared their intention to support the procedures for reimbursement of pharmaceuticals which the client manufactures.

Value for the client

As a result of the market intelligence analysis and the research study we completed two reports which separately describe the treatment management process in the context of these two ultra-rare diseases.

The first report took into account detailed information on the path of diagnosis, and the role of doctors of different specialisations in treating these two diseases. 

The evaluation of the Target Product Profile was an added value for the client – it will allow the client to plan a sales strategy tailored to the needs of the local medical market.

As part of the project PMR also organised workshops with the client, in order to discuss market entry strategy and key business objectives, and also to plan the future development strategy.

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