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Adding depth to farmers market segments through personas

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Client's need

One of the leading manufacturers in the crop protection business, has been using a market segmentation developed by a research agency for the past few years. They were however missing some depth in the segments which would make them clearer and more useful in their daily marketing and sales activities.

Our deliverables

PMR has offered to make the segments more vivid and real-life by creating marketing “personas” rather than simply adding more information to describe each segment.

To achieve this PMR has completed a series of individual in-depth interviews in each segment. The interviews were completed in respondent’s place of living or work to add some ethnography flavor to the findings. The aim of the interviews was to discover farmers’ ways of decision making, their attitudes towards their businesses and their protection as well as their general way of thinking.

Value for the client

Personas are not an inexistent “average” persons. They are imagined persons but as real-life as possible, with their history, their daily joys and fears.

Thanks to the “personas” the final segments’ descriptions made it easier for the client to imagine farmers belonging to each segment. This in consequence supports creating marketing messages which resonate with the client’s needs, desires and concerns.

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