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Needs analysis of Polish companies for courier services

  • Industry

    Courier services

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Advertising agency

Client's need

The PMR team cooperated with an international interactive agency on a study on Polish businesses’ perception of the quality of courier services. The client wanted to prepare an optimal marketing strategy for a global player in the freight forwarding market, tailored to the needs of Polish companies. The main goal of this needs’ analysis study was finding insights necessary for designing a new media campaign. 

Our deliverables

In the study we used triad focus groups, which included decision makers in the field of selection of courier services, working in companies with different levels of demand for these services and different business profiles.

By using qualitative techniques we were able to obtain detailed information on what the companies expected from courier companies, the decision making process behind choosing a service provider, and detailed information on the their cooperation with couriers. Smaller, three-person groups allowed for fuller engagement of the participants, and for gaining a fuller understanding of their experiences and needs.

By organising the recruitment process efficiently, the study (including delivering the final report) was completed within two weeks.

Value for the client

As a result, the client received an extensive report on the unmet needs of Polish companies regarding courier services. The report was supplemented by recommendations useful in the later stage of creating and optimising the marketing strategy. The findings allowed the company to tailor the client’s offer to the expectations of current and future business clients.  

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