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Market research: consumer attitude towards private labels

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Client's need

As part of a cyclical report published by PMR on retailers’ private labels, we conducted a survey among the residents of Poland. The study’s main objective was to learn about consumers’ opinions on private label products, and examining their image. A crucial element of the study was to diagnose the way Polish consumers define and understand the term “private label”.

Our deliverables

We conducted 600 CATI interviews on a sample of 600 adult residents of Poland, representative of the population in terms of gender, age and education.

In order to diagnose the market as fully as possible, we conducted a market basket analysis of basic food and drink products, household products and cosmetics, including private label products. To be able to more effectively compare shares of a specific product category as well as product prices in different retail chains, we included the cheapest products from the cheapest price category which are sold under a private label in a particular retail chain.

Value for the client

The study’s results gave us insight into the following:

  • awareness of private label food and drink products
  • purchase motivation behind buying products from previously unknown brands and own brands
  • private label product purchase barriers
  • assessment of private label products in terms of quality

The report also contains information on names of retail chains where Polish consumers most often purchase food and drink products, and the frequency of buying private label products compared to branded products.

According to our findings, in the case of private label products Polish consumers most often purchase everyday use cosmetics, and least often – baby food.

The market basket analysis allowed us to determine, among others, the least and most expensive retail chain in terms of the market basket, and also the share of individual products categories sold under private labels – the highest were recorded in the cosmetics, confectionery and dairy categories.

You can find more information on the report “Private label in Poland” here >
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