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Research study of the cytostatic pharmaceuticals market in Poland

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    Manufacturing of drugs and medical devices

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    Manufacturer, distributor

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

Our client, one of the leading players in the pharmaceuticals market in Poland, required research support which would allow them to gain a better understanding of the market of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment used in chemotherapy. The aim was to optimize the sales and marketing model and adapting it to the medical sector’s current needs. 

Our deliverables

The research project consisted of four stages:

  • Exploratory interviews with nurses who administer cancer drugs
  • A number of CATI interviews with oncology nurses and hospital pharmacists
  • Analysis of tenders for chemotherapy pharmaceuticals and equipment
  • Hospital segmentation, taking into account their demand for chemotherapy pharmaceuticals and equipment.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the segment of pharmaceuticals and medical products used in oncology, traced the decision making process for the selection of these products, and identified key buying factors. The interviews also became a source of insight into the type, price, distribution model and communication with decision-makers in Polish medical facilities.

As part of the study we also conducted an analysis of tenders in terms of demand for drugs and medical equipment used in oncology. The study was supplemented by a segmentation of medical facilities in terms of their buying potential in the field of chemotherapy.

Value for the client

The client received a detailed analysis of the model of ordering equipment in Polish medical facilities, the decision making process, and the role of key stakeholders in this process. The report was supplemented by useful insights and recommendations crucial for effective sales management.

Furthermore, the segmentation of Polish hospitals and analysis for tenders for chemotherapy pharmaceuticals and equipment will serve the client as an excellent source of knowledge in the process of adjusting their distribution model to the current needs of public medical facilities in Poland.

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