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Research study on the dietary supplements market in Poland

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Client's need

For the purposes of the report Dietary supplements market in Poland, PMR’s research department conducted a survey among top management of companies engaged in the market of dietary supplements in Poland. The key aim of this study was to assess the current state of the dietary supplements market in the contexts of macroeconomic factors and changes in legislation in Poland. 

Our deliverables

The study was conducted using CATI telephone interviews, during which we completed 103 interviews. The study’s scope included issues pertaining to the evaluation of the sector’s potential and the current condition of the whole sector, and of a few subsegments of the dietary supplements market.

Respondents were persons working on the managerial level, who have broad expertise. All of the researched companies are key players in the dietary supplements market. This selection allowed us to get a clear picture of the market and reliable growth forecasts for the next few years.

The analysis was based on PMR’s own methodology PMR Market Insight, which is used for complex preparation of reports and industry analysis.

Value for the client

Our research study resulted in a comprehensive analysis, which took into account an evaluation of the current state of the segment, determining key trends and anticipated changes and potential threats in the next few years. Comparing data from this year’s study with previous studies allowed us to assess the dynamics and growth potential of the dietary supplements sector in Poland.

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