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FGI study on dental products

  • Industry

    Dental materials production

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  • Client type

    Market research agency

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

Our regular client, a major research agency, at the request of one of the leading manufacturers of dental products, asked PMR for assistance in conducting a research project. The goal was to optimize product strategy. The manufacturer was keen to offer their customers additional value beyond the product itself. Therefore, a crucial part of the study had to be exploring dentists’ cooperation with distributors and retailers of dental products.

Our deliverables

The study was based on focus group interviews (FGI). Two group discussions were held involving dentists. As suggested by the client, we invited persons with different levels of experience in the field, employed mostly in private clinics. Data from the PMR Medical Panel was used to find suitable respondents in a way which was both quick and cost-effective.

Value for the client

The report included an analysis of the perception of dental materials, as well as an analysis of the role of distributors and dentists’ expectations of them. Owing to this, the report was beneficial in making important business decisions related to the brand’s long-term strategy and maintaining and developing relationships with their customers.

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